Zaria's Cabin

Zaria's cabin a high roofed cabin that is painted a magenta color and it has large windows on all the walls. On the North wall there are a set of 4 bunk beds with cute little trunks under neath. On the East wall there are a few desks that are full of beauty supplies and there are mirrors all along the East wall all different sizes. On the South wall there is a statue of Zaria and pictures of all her children. On the West wall there are closets that hold all of the campers clothes.

Cabin CounselorEdit


Year RoundEdit

Campers who are not Year Round (Less active)Edit




  1. Children of Zaria are able to make themselves have a certain sent that will dull their enemies senses for a short time and make their enemy become confused or even faint.
  1. Children of Zaria can summon a small rose that they can throw onto the enemy and it will latch onto the enemies mouth and suffocate them until they faint but it will not kill the enemy.


  1. Children of Zaria are able to make a shield from roses that will protect them for a short amount of time before the shield breaks and disappears.
  1. Children of Zaria are able to bend a small stream of roses that can block attacks but will break after it is hit.


  1. Children of Zaria cannot be affected by other types of beauty magic.
  1. Children of Zaria aren't affected by their own mothers powers.

2 months after a character is madeEdit

  1. Children of Zaria are able to summon a dagger made that is made by their mother. This dagger can cause the enemy when touched or sliced by the dagger to be under the users control for a short amount of time. But the longer the Demi-God has the dagger out the more energy it drains from them.

4 months after a character is madeEdit

  1. Children of Zaria are able to summon a giant rose that can shoot out of the ground and swallow an enemy whole and then return to the depths of the earth. But the users energy is drained a lot when they use the Rose.

6 months after a character is madeEdit

  1. Children of Zaria are able to turn into a being of pure beauty. While they are in this state they can fully control any Demi-God that is near them and are able to make themselves so beautiful that they can actually blind a Demi-god. They can only be in this state though for about 10 or 8 minutes and they will return to normal and faint.

The Zaria cabin has no photos.

The Zaria Cabin has no Treaties.

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