Morana's Cabin

Morana's cabin is a low roofed cabin that has small windows and is painted a dark purple color. On the North wall lays a set of beds that are built into the wall to save space. On the East wall there are small cauldrons that are always bubbling with some type of potion or spell and small shelves that have all types of different things inside of them for spells and potions. On the West wall there are small closets that the campers keep their things in. On the South wall there is a picture of Morana and a few framed potion or spell recipes.

Cabin CounselorEdit


Year RoundEdit

Campers who are not Year Round (Less active)Edit




  1. Children of Morana can blast a purple ball of light at their enemy that will stun them for a while.
  1. Children of Morana are able to summon spells on the battle field that can aid them in battle.


  1. Children of Morana are able to create a small dome made from pure magic that is big enough for the user.
  1. Children of Morana can summon small whips of magic that will whip and blast their enemies but only to stun them and not to hurt them


  1. Children of Morana aren't affected by any type of Magic.
  1. Children of Morana cannot get hurt by spells that have gone bad.

2 months after a character is madeEdit

  1. Children of Morana are able to summon a whip that is filled with different types of dangerous spells. When the user whips the whip a spell will appear and attack the enemy.

4 months after a character is madeEdit

  1. Children of Morana are able to summon death spells. These spells can harm the enemy and are life threatening depending on how strong the user is and how strong the spell is. The Stronger the spell the more energy the user uses.

6 months after a character is madeEdit

  1. Children of Morana are able to turn into a black spirit for a short amount of time. While in this mode they can do amazing damage to anything, if they attack a mortal or a demi-god they will send them into a coma for a week or more. They will also cause a lot of damage to the Mortal or Demi-God. But the user can only be in this form for 5 or 7 minutes and faint after they return to normal.

The Morana cabin has no photos.

The Morana Cabin has no Treaties.

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