God/Goddess of the Month Contest

Welcome to the God/Goddess of the Month contest! Here you can nominate Gods/Goddess or vote! You should read the rules first before you nominate or vote. Please make sure though to vote or Nominate before you leave! (Ps. The Nominating rule for this Contest is not in play because this is the first ever Contest.)

  1. No Spamming.

You can only vote/nominate once. You cannot vote for more then ONE God/Goddess and you can ONLY Nominate one God/Goddess.

  1. Nominating

To Nominate a God/Goddess you need to be a 3rd level user or higher. You cannot Nominate a God/Goddess that doesn't have a cabin and you cannot nominate a God/Goddess who has already won. You must leave a comment as to why you nominated that God/Goddess and why you think they should win, you also need to put your user name above the picture of the God/Goddess so we know who nominated them.

Cutefairy78 Edit

  • I am Nominating Svetovid because I think he is a very kind God and his children are very nice. He deserves to be the winner of the contest because he has a kind soul and is very sweet and caring.

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