Full NameEdit

Niklaus Krotki.


Nik & Klaus.

Godly ParentEdit

  1. Perun
  2. Svarog
  3. Veles


Niklaus has short, curly hair that is brown. He has almond shaped eyes that are hazel brown in color. Niklaus has pale, white skin and a scar that runs from his left eye to his chin. Niklaus usually wears cut jeans and a t-shirt.


Perun and Anastasia "Ana" Krotki met each other in St Petersburg in 1995. They began dating, and Ana was oblivious to the fact that Perun was a god. A year later, Nik was born. For the first few months, Perun stayed with Ana to help raise Nik, but after a while the other gods forced him to return to his duties. He left one night without explanation, and Ana never saw him again. Ana had to get an overnight job as well as her day job as a nurse, to care for Nik.

One day, when Nik was four, his mother just collapsed. She was taken to hospital and died the same night, from a stroke. He was taken to his uncle who didn't want anything to do with him, as he had suspicions about Perun and thought Nik was a "demon child."

Nik was taken to an orphanage, where he didn't fit in. He always sat in the corner, because the other children didn't like him. When he became 17, he was officially allowed to leave the orphanage. He left the orphanage and was looking for work, when Perun appeared to him and explained why he couldn't raise him. Perun then took Nik to Camp Veles, where he is now.


17, born August 12th 1996.



He has the powers that other children of Perun would have.


Nik is a very loud, rebellious person. He gets angry very easily, and is very protective of his friends. If someone does something to him or his friends, he will fight them, no matter how strong the opponent is. Nik loves reading. Its the only thing that calms him down, if he gets angry.