Here at Camp Veles Wiki, we are lucky enough to have a chat room where users can communicate with each other. These are a few rules that make sure every user is comfortable in chat.


  1. No Profanity  - Swearing at all is not permitted.
  2. Fair Roleplaying -  Roleplaying is encouraged here, but users must have an option of what to do next. For example, while you are welcome to say, "A stabbed B," it is unfair to say, "A stabbed B and B died."
  3. Be Appropriate - Anything PG-13 or above cannot not be said on chat.
  4. Be polite - Users should feel safe on chat, and should not be feeling vulnerable. Always be polite, and no cyberbullying.


If you do not follow these simple rules:

  • As a warning, you could be kicked out of chat.
  • If you continue disobeying the rules, you could be banned from chat for a certain amount of time.