If you're looking to adopt a character then you've come to the right place! This is what we call the Character Grave-Yard. Or for a better less sad and creepy name, we just call it Adopt a Character.

There are many different kinds of characters you may adopt, there are Females. Males. Nymphs. Spirits. Etc. You first though need to know what kind of character you want. Or if you're in the mood you could randomly pick a character to adopt!

Mostly, it's much easier to adopt a character rather then make one. But I prefer to make my own characters. But with the character you adopt, it depends on what you get with that character.

There are just a few simple rules to adopting a character, it's not very hard but there are guidelines you must listen to before and while you're adopting a character.

  • 1.You cannot pick more then 2 characters per day.

We don't want spamming with the characters. Some other users might want the same character(s) you want also, so you can't just go around and pick up 4 or 6 characters at a time and leave them to gather dust before you even use them.

  • 2.Do NOT Steal the photos.

NEVER steal ANY photos from the Character pages that are up for adoption. If you haven't adopted the character then DO NOT TAKE THE PHOTO.

  • 3.Ask.

Make sure that you ASK the user who owns the character before you use it, you can ask them on their talk page or ask one of the admins to ask them for you. You should also be polite while asking and ask them if they want the character still or they want to give it up.

  • 4. Be Patient.

PLEASE be patient while waiting to adopt your character. The user might be In-Active or they might not have enough time to get back to you. You need to wait a day or two and give them time to think it over. If it takes them more then 4 or 5 days then come to one of the admins and let us know. We'll probably see and try to get a hold of the user and if they still don't reply then we'll give you the character most likely.

~Sorry there are no Female Characters up for Adoption~

~So sorry but there are no Male Characters up for Adoption~

~Sorry, But there are no Nymphs up for Adoption~

~Sorry but there are no Spirits up for Adoption at this moment~